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Which pontoon trailer is best for you?

There are two styles of pontoon boat trailers: Cantilever (scissors) pontoon trailer and a drive-on pontoon trailer.

Cantilever (scissors) Style
Drive-On Style
Cantilever Style

 This style trailer is quite narrow and fits between the pontoons. The trailer lifts the deck of the boat and does not support the pontoons. The wheel base is quite small. This style of pontoon boat trailer can be retrieved and launched in the shallowest of water, since the pontoons are very low to the ground. The name "scissor style" comes from the scissor action that raises the pontoon boat once on the trailer.

Drive-On Style

If you plan on trailering your pontoon boat longer distances, then this style will be best. The bunk type trailer is a normal full width trailer that has a bunk for each of the pontoons. The bunks are spaced at the same width as the pontoons and the pontoons sit on each bunk. To launch or recover the pontoon boat, the trailer is slid into the water and has to be submerged enough for the pontoon boat to float onto the bunks. You can then winch the boat fully onto the trailer, before pulling out of the water.

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